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Indo Japan Relations – Way to look forward

Indo Japan Relations – Way to look forward

Indo Japan Relations – Way to look forward

Indo Japan Relations – Way to look forward

Mr Tomio Isogai was in Andhra Chamber of Commerce on the 12th October 2018. A former Managing Director of Sharp Electronics in India, after retirement he became an enthusiastic of Indo Japan relationship, he dwelt at length the relative strengths of India and Japan and how both the nations can complement each other.  The following are the excerpts from his talks and interaction with the participants:

  • Japanese follow Buddhism. You can find Buddhist temple in every street of Japan.  Buddhism came to Japan from India.  The Indian monk Bodhisena consecrated Todaji temple in the year 752.


  • Lord Ganesha can be found in many Buddhist temples; he is secretly worshiped. Such is the cultural affinity between the two societies.


  • India – Japan is nearer than India US. Therefore, Indian should consider Japan as their natural partner.


  • China is a common threat for both India and Japan. Therefore, to counter china, both countries need each other.


  • In technology and manufacturing techniques, Japan can help India to advance. In fact at the moment, India is placed in Global manufacturing competitiveness Index at 11 whereas Japan is at 4. With Japanese collaboration India can be in 5 with Japan at 4 by the year 2020. Similarly, the Gobal Competitiveness Index, India is at 40 whereas Japan is at 9.  Again, with the collaboration between the two countries, India can reach within single digits.


  • Indian Population is 131 million at the moment and slated to become 175 million by 2050 with people between the age group 15 to 35 becoming more. This means that India will be a young nation for years to come.  Japan has a population of 13.76 million and would hover around the same or less by 2050.  But the youth share is declining and therefore more hands are needed to work and contribute to support the ageing population of Japan.


  • Japan intends to import even blue-collar workers to fill the gap in its supply demand gap very shortly as the per the policy statement of the Prime Minister of Japan. There is an immediate demand for 2 lakh IT professionals. Only India match the need of Japanese.


  • Indian Youth can look to Japan for higher education in engineering and technology. Many Japanese universities are in the top world ranking.


  • But there is a rider. Youngsters intending to migrate to Japan need to learn the Japanese language.  This initiative, it is better to start right at the 1st year of college.  In fact, a program to have 1000 Japanese teachers within 5 years is on. 


  • Government of Japan is providing to Indian students skill development through Technical Training Intern Program.(TTIP). Sakura Science program and JASSO are available for the Indian youth for assistance in training.



Tomio Isogai - Andhra Chamber

Our Students With Our Director Mr. R.R. Padmanabhan & Mr. Tomio Isogai, former Managing Director, Sharp Electronics India Pvt Ltd. on a special meet in Andhra Chamber Of Commerce, Chennai

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