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Sir Peter Hendy President of the CILT

Sir Peter Hendy President of the CILT

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Sir Peter Hendy took over the chain of command from Mr Kevin Byrne as the President of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) International recently.  Curious to know who he is, given that I have not seen him in any of the previous editions of annual meets of CILT, I searched the google and found from professional perspective.  Since his profile looked quite impressive and interesting at the same time, I thought I should share it to the public. It looks like a typical ‘rags to riches case’ and as usual donned with hard work, consistency, willing to lead from the front and seizing the opportunity that comes by the way.

Hailing from a family of both trade unionists and lawyers, he had his graduation from the University of Leeds in Economics and Geography.  Then he joined London Transport as Graduate Trainee. Working his way up the ladder that included being Personal Assistant to the Chairman quite early in his career, he ended up as the Commissioner of Transport for London.  The highlight of his tenure was he kept operations running successfully even when the city of London was bombed during the terrorists attack.

In honor of his commendable performance during the dastardly attack, he was appointed Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in the year 2006. The attacks could have brought the transport system to a grinding halt but for his leadership. CBE is one of the five awards that were instituted during the year 1917 by the King George V for recognizing people from various walks of life for their contribution during war times who were not combatants.

In 2013, he was knighted for efforts in many improvements in the transport system.  Most memorable event in his career was his getting the London transport system organized for Olympics and Paralympics in 2012. He chaired Games Transport Board that pieced together various stakeholders like organizers, government, local authorities, transport operators and regulators to ensure all the athletes, spectators and others to get to the venue on time every time for various events.  Not only that, this was done without compromising on the regular movement across the city of London.

He is married to Sue who is an HR specialist.  The couple has two children. He is involved in several charitable activities most notable among them being Railway Children, Transaid and London Poppy Day charities.

Extraordinary situations bring out extraordinary changes in people and that separate men from the boys.  We are happy to have Sir Peter Hendy as our International Chairman of our prestigious Chartered Institute Logistics and Transport to lead the organization in to greater heights.

Welcome Sir Peter Hendy! Wishing you Good Luck!


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