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Wishes And Desires

Wishes And Desires

Wishes And Desires

If Wishes Were Horses, Even Beggars Would Ride Is A Scottish Proverb Of The 16th Century. This Proverb Provides Meaning To The Word ‘Wish’.  Then, How This Word Wish Is Different From ‘Desire’.  For The Gullible, Both The Expressions Appear To Be Conveying The Same Meaning Or At Best Synonymous.  But In Reality Both Are Way Different From Each Other.  A Wish Can Become An Intense Desire Provided It Has Strong Emotion Backing It.

“Youth Is A Time Of Promise And Effort” So Said, My Guru Pujyashri Chariji Maharaj.  This Simple Expression Contains A Lot Of Meaning Assigned To It.  None Becomes Successful Overnight.  This Everyone Knows.  But We Come Across People Who Continue To Live In Remorse Often Blaming Everything-Starting From Weather, Family, Native Place, School/College Where They Studied, Lack Of English Knowledge Etc – Other Than Themselves.  Every Human Being Does Have Wishes.  But Whether They Are Converted In To Strong Desires Or Not Is The Questions.

I Went Through Literature To Find Out What Wish And Desire.  One Of The Meaning Defined Wish As ‘Hope For Something That Cannot Or Probably Will Not Happen’ Whereas Desire Is Defined As ‘Strong Feeling Of Wanting To Have Something Or Wishing For Something To Happen’.  We Deduce From The Above That Wish Contains With It ‘A No, Remorse Or Wanting To Something Happen On Its Own’ Whereas Desire Is Promise And Execution.

I Have A Relative Through  A Marriage In The First Circle.  This Boy Reared By His Mother, A Young Widow Who Was Determined To Give The Best To Her Children.  A Poor Pensioner With No Other Means To Support Either In Terms Of Some Work To Earn Extra Income Nor Support Either From Her Mother’s Side Nor From Her Father’s Side.  This Is A Pity In Our Society.

Desires Are Always Backed Up Strong Action, Commitment, Discipline And Sacrifice.

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