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Shri Ramachandra Rao


Late Shri R Ramachandra Rao earned 2 star medals and 1 REX medal for his brave and exemplary work during the Second World War

These medals continue to decorate my home reception.  I still remember his famous phrase, “we fought the Japs and took many of them as prisoners”

This is the centenary year for my beloved Nana.

Born in the year 1919 in Madras (then Chennai), proficient in sports like cricket, Hockey, Football and long distance running, he had his early schooling in Chennai. He was Ramu for his sisters and brothers and the elders, Rao for officials and Nana for his children. Like many others those days, he went to Rangoon (Yangon now) the then capital of Burma (Now Myanmar) in search of job.  His father Shri R Alavandar Naidu was the first Indian officer in the Burmese customs.  In Rangoon, he did Draughtsman course in the evening even as he searched for jobs.  Finally, as luck would have him, he joined the armed forces.  His posting was in Burma.  Burma saw thick of fighting between Japan and British Indian Army in the height of World War II.

All his in born and native courage, athletic spirit and sportsmanship came to help him in his dealing with his Officers and people who worked under him.  The latter category continued to be in touch with him even after several years.  They used to come to Chennai seeking his help in meeting Doctors.  Those were the days of post cards and letters. Ordinary men could ill afford telephones.  Usually, the letter would only announce their arrival in Chennai.

Back in Chennai after his premature discharge from the Army in 1945, he joined his Brother in law Shri M Mohanarangam Naidu who was running a customs brokerage.  But for his brother in law’s sudden death, he would have joined Indian Railways. After tutoring and baptism under his brother in law, he was forced to start on his own by circumstances prevailing then in 1955.  There was no turning back for him.  He was sincere, hardworking and cared for his clients.  Each satisfied client brought more clients.  He made mark for himself in handling cotton piece goods for export to Singapore, Malaysia and West Africa.  In 1971, he made his sole proprietorship in to company styled as R Ramachandra Rao & Sons.  To this day, the company continues to serve its clients to their entire satisfaction.

We are happy to celebrate his centenary year in 2019 with grit and determination to serve our clients as he used to do.